All the students should wear the uniform in the prescribed pattern and should take special care about the personal hygiene and to keep their uniform neat and tidy at all times.

Primary Section ( I – IV )

Girls :- Blue pleated skirt under knee and check shirt with tie, belt and white socks and black shoe. Boys :- Blue half pants and check shirt with tie, belt and white socks and black lace shoe.

P.T. Uniform :- Classes I-X

Girls & Boys :- Black Track Pants and House wise T-Shirt.
Note :- School Identity Card is compulsory in all working days.
Accessories :- No Gold Ornaments, Expensive Wrist Watches, Fancy Bracelets etc.
Hair Style :- Ordinary Hair Cut. No Fancy Cut. Girls with Short Hair should wear Uniform Hair Bow or tie it with white Hair Band. No Fancy Clips or Bands are allowed.


1: Hair cut- Ordinary hair cut is mandatory for boys and girls. Hair should not fall on the forehead.
2: Tights are compulsory for the girls of classes I to X.
3: School Socks, School Belt, School Tie and ID card are part of the uniform for all the students.
4: Black Shoe is compulsory for all. Shoe with Velcro is permitted for boys up to class IV. Classes V onwards Shoes with lace is mandatory for boys.